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The Game

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Negotiate Contracts:

Manage Vendors and Clients

Apply for a variety of contracts to fulfill. Meet other farmers, store owners, bands, celebrities, and even Big Foot. Negotiate for every penny or accept bottom dollar to improve your contracts.

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Higher Risk, Higher Rewards

Do you run a squeaky clean operation? Or risk everything for a shot at fortune? You accumulate Heat for growing more plants than you have a license for and engaging with shady characters.

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Tech Tree:

Staff Research and Development

Behind every great bud is a great team. Hire lawyers, gardeners, even street dealers as you expand your operation. Investing in your staff unlocks skills, perks, and abilities for you farm.

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Plant Relationship

Caring for each of your plants is a fun challenge to keep them happy and healthy. From Sniklefritz to Pineapple Express, each strain has different needs. Become an expert by mastering the individual care of each plant.

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Complex Systems:

Automation Makes You Stronger

Tired of watering by hand? Work smarter not harder by installing pipes and sprinklers to quickly and reliably water your plants. Timers and other control systems can be installed to make managing your crop a breeze.

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You're Not Alone:

Meet Your Quirky Crew

Growing all these plants is hard work, hire some friends to make your farm flourish. When not directing them, crew members will move about the farm performing other tasks. Their skills will improve with use over time.

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Meet the Team

Ty / Creative Director
Grant / Game Designer
Amy / Art Director-Designer
Joe / Lead Developer

Dev Blog

Dev Blog

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September 5, 2017

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Dev Blog #2

August 16, 2017

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